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 Rel Astra Area Maps

Regional Maps

Surrounding Area of Rel Astra

City of Rel Astra,
Bosses Neighborhoods

City of Rel Astra, City Districts

City of Rel Astra, the Sewers

Rel Astra City Maps

Mysterious Antiques and Heirlooms Shop:
Of Rel Astra   Map
City Watch Wall Station
City Watch Sewer Entrance

Rel Astra's Thieves Guild Locations

Thaddeus's Neighborhood   Map
Askin Manor "Old Thieves Guildhall"
Askin Manor's Dungeons
The Union Of Sewermen and Streetcleaners:
"New Thieves Guildhall"
Thieves Guild Safehouse
The Gargling Gargoyle Tavern

Adventure Maps

Season 1

Stealing The Demon's Amulet

Temple Of Pholtus   Map

Assassination Attempt

The Corner Of Crows Lane And Ash Alley   Map

The Obelisk's Of Chaos

The First Obelisk   Map
The Second Obelisk - Fluoplilth's Lair   Map
The Third Obelisk - Tril Oolzi The Aboleth   Map

The Mathen's Estate

The Mathen Estate   Modified Map from Aberrations, Necromancer Games

Season 2

Scarlet Shipments

The Emperor Of The Waves   Map from Dungeon #123

A Wizards's Nightmare

Baron Van Raam's Manor   Modified Map from "The Menagerie" Dungeon #126

My Friend, My Enemy

Roadside Coaching Inn
"The Stink"

The Crypt Of Kel Virond

The Crypt Of Kel Virond

The Sorcerer's Citadel

The Tower Of Crane The Sorcerer

Season 3

The Tomb Of Ferris

The City Slaughterhouse
The Tomb Of Ferris

The Package

The Abandoned Warehouse
Steps In The Sewer
Divinity Street
Mordenkainens Magnificent Mansion

Scarlet Shipments, Part 2

Brotherhood's Warehouse

Out Of Space And Time

The Vault
Rel Astra Underwater Landscape
The Nexus Tetrahedron

The Kingmaker

The Crypt
The Ship "The Devil's Remorse"

Season 4 (New Crew)

The Death Card - Part 1 - The Night Of Demons

"Badger" And His Lackeys
Random Street Encounters
Taur's Townhouse

The Death Card - Part 2 - Resistance

Pilts And The Old Unionhouse

The Grudge

The Dark Palace

The House Of Lies

The Guild Of Records
The House Of Lies

The Gambling House

The Golden Devil Gambling House

Hungry Are The Dead

Hungry Are The Dead

* No map available, update needed.